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  It is an exciting time in education and St. Pius Elementary School is an exciting place to be!  We, at St. Pius, support the growth of each of our students as we prepare them for success in later life!  Our academic programs are focused on continuous improvement and addressing the needs of all of our students.  There is an incredible amount of information available about learning styles and teaching methodologies of which our faculty avails itself.  The curriculum and academic programs utilized at St. Pius are products of extensive research on "best practices" in education that support growth and success.  Our curriculum is a product of, and commitment to, a three-phase process which continues to evolve and adhere to best practices.  What is this three-phase process? 

  • The first phase is data driven. The results of standardized testing and other screening instruments provide valuable information to identify the needs of our students.
  • The second phase of this process involves researching and identifying programs and practices that will address these needs in the classroom.
  • The third phase of the process involves providing professional development for teachers to learn and implement “best practices” that will address the needs of St. Pius students.

  We love seeing how our students benefit from our commitment to assuring that they receive the best possible education based in "best practices."  By centering the education we offer in our mission of "bringing the presence of Christ to others," our students grow in knowledge and confidence and realize that each of them is truly and gift with gifts to share.  To learn more about our academic programs, enrichment for PreK through 3rd graders and electives for 4th-8th graders as well as Assessment and Screening at SPES, please click on the links below. 

Academics, Enrichment, and Electives

Assessment and Screening


Contact Information for PK-3rd Contact Information for for 4th-8th
Rachel Bourgeois, Curriculum Coordinator Rhea Claire Richard, Curriculum Coordinator
(337) 237-3139 (337) 237-3139


St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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