What is the St. Pius Academic Support Program?

The Academic Support Program, or "ASP" was designed to address the academic needs of students. The ASP coordinator, along with the ASP team, work together with parents and teachers to identify and support students’ needs. The permanent team consists of our Academic Support Coordinator, Mrs. Yvette Primeaux, one of the curriculum coordinators (Mrs. Rachel Bourgeois- PreK-3rd or Mrs. Rhea Claire Richard- 4th-8th), one of our guidance counselors (Mrs.Kim Frederick-PreK-3rd grades or Mrs. Evelyn Leblanc-4th-8th grades), and our principal (Ms. Donna Lemaire) or assistant prinicipal (Mr. Matt Hebert). This committee meets with parents as meetings are needed.

Teachers of the referred students also meet with the team. Prior to the meeting student strengths, affinities, and weaknesses are identified through teacher and parent interviews conducted by our ASP coordinator. Review of standardized test scores, class performance and observations, as well as professional evaluations are taken into consideration. At the ASP conference, the team develops a plan consisting of strategies to be implemented that are built on the student's strengths so that needed skills may be further developed and reinforced. SPES teachers regularly review ASP plans for new, and already enrolled, ASP students.  This assures that strategies that have been recommended through the plan are being impolemented. Individual student progress and each student's changing needs are monitored to assure relevancy.

St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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