At St. Pius Elementary School we understand the digital age in which we live.  Our technology mission is to help our students become critical thinkers who learn how to use their creativity and communication/ collaboration skills within the curriculum.  We do not simply provide "technology devices," but rather we strive to teach students how to appropriately use technology.  This is done in order to foster the essential 21st century skills our young people need in order to be successful, contributing citizens in our society.  To that end, almost all of our classrooms are equipped with some of the latest interactive technological tools so that students can become fully engaged in their lessons.  All of our classrooms are equipped with student computers and our 5th-8th grade Science and ELA (English & Language Arts) classrooms host a one-to-one environment.  We continuously evaluate web tools and resources which allow us to fully integrate the use of technology within the curriculum.  Students use online programs in science, math, and reading on a daily basis.  We utilize an online Student Information System which allows students and parents real-time access to grades, lesson plans, homework assignments and other pertinent school information.  Students in grades five through eight also learn how to collaborate through the use of Google apps and Moodle, an online learning platform.    Our media center is equipped with student computers for research and online assessment.  First through third grade students use classroom computers and iPads which allow them to practice skills on their own and in small groups.

We offer four digital learning electives for our middle school students, Video Production and three levels of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) electives, all to which students must apply.  This allows students interested in technology to explore a wide variety of multi-media skills as they prepare for their high school career.  Our staff consists of a Technology Integration Coordinator, an IT Director, and two part-time technology assistants so that our technology is well-maintained and our faculty and staff have the resources they need to provide our students with educational experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and relevant in our digital world.

While we know that our children are growing up in a “plugged-in” world, we also know and value the importance of taking time to be “unplugged”; to be present and in the moment with one another and with God.  At St. Pius, we strive to maintain that balance in our students’ daily educational experiences, so that our digital learners develop a lifelong love of learning.



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Contact Information:

Ellie Fitzgerald, M.Ed
Technology Coordinator
(337) 237-3139










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