Fr. Steve LeBlanc sharing the faith

A Message from Our Pastor, Fr. Steve LeBlanc


Welcome to our St. Pius Elementary School web site!

I hope you find your visit informative.  More than anything, I hope you will see what education means in the context of a Catholic school.  St. Pius Elementary School continues the traditions and teachings of our church centuries in the making.  We want our children to come to a knowledge of not only the latest technology and the basic skills, but also to know Jesus Christ in their minds and in their hearts. 


The Eucharist is central to who we are as a Catholic people.  Part of the mission of the school is for the children to grow in love for the Eucharist.  Every effort is made to make our PreK and Kindergarten Prayer Services, Friday School Masses and our All-School Masses rich and meaningul experiences for our children.  Through the music, the children-involved homilies and the children being involved in the liturgical ministries, we offer an act of fitting praise and thanks to God.


My prayers are with you as you look into the educational and spiritual needs of your child.  It’s here on this website that we can communicate to you the wonderful growth that is taking place at SPES. It is here that you can stay in touch with your child’s education and faith formation experience.   In all that we do, nothing can surpass assisting your children in their call to discipleship to follow the Lord with their whole heart, soul and mind. Let us continue to pray for one another.

In Christ,

Fr. Steve


On October 5, 2017, the new St. Pius X Catholic Church was dedicated.  The morning after the dedication, all 692 St. Pius Elementary School students and the entire faculty and staff processed to the church for their first visit.  After learning about the history behind the church's construction (which they had followed ever so closely), important facts about many parts of the church and the reason for placement and location of various sacred items, the student body lifted their voices in thanksgiving for the new church.   Those present could not turn on their recorders quickly enough because what they were hearing sounded like an angels' chorus.  Students of St. Pius Elementary School love their school, they love their Church, they love their Catholic Faith and they love their God!  We are happy to be able to share with you a short excerpt from the SPES student body giving praise, through song, for the first time in the NEW St. Pius X Church.




St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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