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Eating habits established at an early age tend to remain with children for the remainder of their lives. At SPES we recognize the importance of our children having the nutrients they need throughout the day so that both their bodies and minds can function at peak levels. We encourage our students to bring a healthy non-perishable snack (one) to school each day.

When selecting your snack, we stress that a “healthy snack” is the only one acceptable in our classrooms. Why? That’s what will help our children stay alert and ready to learn. Think of a snack as fuel. Sugary snacks that lack nutrients fire up their engines, give them a quick jolt of energy then they crash! Healthy snacks are like slow-burning fuel that helps to keep a child going, their minds working, their blood sugar at the right level thus improving their concentration and memory!


When trying to determine portion size of the snack you send to school, we have found and recommend a healthy snack of no more than 250 calories. A SPES “snack portion” is easily determined by placing it in a Ziploc snack bag. To help support positive dietary habits, SPES has established a healthy snack policy in a nut safe environment.


So that we can protect our SPES students who have allergic reactions to nuts, St. Pius Elementary School makes every effort to assure that the school is “nut safe.” We ask that no home-baked goods be sent to school for snack or for class Christmas parties. Due to the high volume of snacks sent to school daily we remind parents of children with sensitivities that ultimately it is their responsibility to read labels and educate their children on nut safety.


Some suggestions for healthy snacks that have been most popular with our students are provided below:




Chopped raw vegetables

Please do not send this type of snack to school.

Students will not be able to eat them.



Light popcorn

Pastries (brownies, cookies, etc.)

Fruit (apples, bananas, etc.)


Wheat crackers with cheese or pita chips with hummus

Fried potato chips (Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, etc.)


No nuts or nut products

Salted Pumpkin Seeds


Baked Chips




St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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