Academic Support Program (ASP)



The mission of the Academic Support Program (ASP),

guided by the nine principals of Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds,

is in place to support the academic needs of identified students

by providing a learning environment which empowers growth.


The Academic Support Program (ASP)  incorporates a team approach to addressing

student needs with the ASP coordinator, school counselors, principal and/or

assistant principals, classroom teachers and applicable support staff, collaborating

with parents and students to meaningfully address individual student needs.

Student strengths, affinities and areas of challenge are identified through a variety

of measures, which include teacher observations, standardized test/assessment

results, class performance, professional evaluations (if applicable), and parent input.

A plan is developed and implemented with student performance continously

monitored to measure the impact on students growth. 

Academic support plans are reviewed, adjusted and/or modified

on a regular basis, as needed.






St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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