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The curriculum at St. Pius Elementary School is structured across grade levels in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and religion to align with Grade Level Expectations and the Comprehensive Curriculum's Standards. Technology is integrated into all subjects to enrich learning experiences and equip students for tomorrow's world. We carefully choose programs that lay a solid educational groundwork, offer avenues for individualized learning, and foster critical thinking abilities. Central to our teaching approach is our religious education program, spanning from Pre-K3 through 8th grade and dedicated to imparting knowledge about the Catholic faith.

Our Educators
At St. Pius, our teachers are the heart and soul of everything we do. Their passion for teaching and genuine care for each student create an environment where learning thrives. They not only encourage critical thinking and academic excellence but also nurture faith and bring a sense of joy to the classroom every day.

Our dedicated educators are committed to making a positive impact, fostering a love of learning and a strong sense of community. Every teacher is certified and actively encouraged to pursue higher education and professional development opportunities.  Many of our teachers have been honored with prestigious awards, including multiple Teacher of the Year titles and annual nominations, as well as recognition from the United Way. Most recently, one of our second-grade teachers received the Crumbl Cookie Teacher of the Year award for the State of Louisiana. 

Our teachers are not only devoted to education; they also serve as dedicated stewards of faith within the Catholic community. Many are actively involved in Catholic charities and Bible studies, generously giving of their time and talents while embodying our school’s mission of bringing the present of Christ to others. Our staff provides a nurturing, faith-based environment that not only emphasizes a rigorous academic program but also imparts valuable life lessons.

The achievements and dedication of our faculty highlight our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience that integrates each student's faith journey within the classroom. At St. Pius, we take great pride in our teachers and the incredible work they do to shape the minds and hearts of our students.