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Fourth through Eighth Grades


     At St. Pius Elementary School, the focus for our PreK through third grades is Mastery of Skills.  Upon entering fourth grade, students take those basic skills and apply them to all subject content and are called to develop their reasoning and critical thinking, while applying all the skills mastered in lower school.  When our students move to the "upstairs world," we journey with them throughout their middle school years helping them to prepare for high school and beyond.  From fourth through eighth grade, students grow by refining executive skills, becoming more self-sufficient and developing higher order thinking skills.   

     Each student in fourth through eighth grade has a Chromebook which they check out in homeroom and carry throughout the day.  Students are able to access some of their textbooks, do research, write papers and take tests on the Chromebooks but also are able to access Google classroom, track their personal goals and maintain their personal data binders.  Students also benefit from a variety of electives during their middle school years and can choose to participate in various extra-curricular activities and athletic teams as they recognize and begin to develop their gifts and talents.  

    The journey continues as SPES strives to meet students where they are and take them to somewhere better as we prepare them to be leaders in ministry and service and contributing members of society.