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At St. Pius Elementary School we understand the digital age in which we live.  Our technology mission is to help our students become critical thinkers who learn how to use their creativity and communication/ collaboration skills within the curriculum.  We do not simply provide "technology devices," but rather we strive to teach students how to appropriately use technology.  This is done in order to foster the essential 21st century skills our young people need in order to be successful, contributing citizens in our society.   We continuously evaluate web tools and resources which allow us to integrate the use of technology within the curriculum. 


Students in PreK and Kindergarten are introduced to technology through the use of interactive Promethean boards and iPads.  First through third grade students use classroom computers, Chromebooks and/or iPads which allow them to develop and practice skills on their own and in small groups.  The 2018-2019 school year sees classroom sets of Chromebooks in grades four through eight in ELA, Science and Math classes.  Laptop laboratories provide students with access to online resources for all other disciplines in grades four through eight.  Students in grades five through eight also learn how to collaborate through the use of Google apps, Moodle and other online learning platforms in preparation for high school and college. 

The St. Pius Media Center is equipped with Chromebooks for research and online assessment while our students and parents have real-time access to grades, lesson plans, homework assignments and other pertinent school information through the online School Information System, RenWeb, utilized by SPES. 

We know that our children are growing up in a “plugged-in” world but we also know, and value, the importance of taking time to be “unplugged”; to be present and in the moment with one another and with God.  At St. Pius, we strive to maintain that balance in our students’ daily educational experiences, so that our digital learners develop a lifelong love of learning.


First Grade Students Work Together On an Interactive Board
A Multi-Touch Board Requires No Special Pens!
A Crystal Clear Display Even With the Lights On!