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Admission Process

Getting Started!

St. Pius Elementary would love to welcome you as a member of our St. Pius family! Please click Request More Information About St. Pius to start your journey. If you are interested in a personal tour, please reach out to Brooke Richard, our Director of Admissions and Enrollment, via email at, to see firsthand what makes St. Pius students exceptional.                 

Time To Apply For Admission To St. Pius

The admission process at St. Pius is designed to get to know your child thoroughly. By gathering demographic and developmental information, as well as insights into your child's learning preferences and interests, we aim to set every student up for success. For a complete list of documents required to apply for admissions to St. Pius Elementary, please click the following: Required Application Documentation.


Getting to Know Our Potential Students

Our academic staff conducts screenings of applicants to accurately determine each student's readiness for the rigors of the St. Pius curriculum. Recognizing that every child possesses unique gifts and distinct learning styles, we tailor our assessments to uncover not only what a child knows but also how they learn most effectively. We are deeply committed to the success of every child who attends St. Pius and want to ensure their academic and spiritual success. 

Time to Become a St. Pius Cougar 

Once an application review and screenings are completed, and we know that the applicant will thrive at St. Pius, notification of acceptance is sent via email. In this email, the Director of Admissions and Enrollment will provide details about next steps. At St Pius, we take pride in knowing our students well enough to ensure their success from the very start. 

Transitioning Into School 

As our youngest students begin their educational journey at St. Pius, we want them to feel prepared, confident, and have all the tools necessary for the next step into "big school!"  Below are some valuable resources for parents to help their little ones prepare for, and transition into, PreK or Kindergarten.

"Learning to Use a Growth Mindset"- PBS Parents Website

"Terrific Transitions" - Helping your child handle big and small changes- Scholastic Website

"Preschool Prep" - Preparing your child for preschool in fun ways, responding to your child's worries, the preschool countdown and saying a "good" good-bye those first days of school- "Zero to Three" Website

"How to Get Your Reluctant Child to Class" - PBS Parents Website

"Mother and Child Reunions" - Reconnecting with your child after a day at preschool and how it can be just as meaningful as morning drop-off - Scholastic Website