SPES Admissions Process


A Little About The St. Pius Elementary School Admissions Process

At St. Pius Elementary School, our goal is to set every one of our students up for success.  We strive to help each and every one of our students reach his/her full potential while finding his/her interests and talents. 

From our first point of contact with potential students, we begin the process of getting to know them.  Our application for admission is an extensive one which helps us get demographic and developmental information as well as other pertinent facts which assist us in the first steps of establishing if St. Pius is the "perfect fit" for the student.

Step two for the student applying for admission is a screening process conducted by a member of our academic staff and/or one of our academic assistant principals.  Our students who are hoping to enter the SPES PreK program actually consider the screening process as a series of fun and games.  The process is designed as such to help put the student at ease so that he/she is comfortable with the multiple adults who visit with the student to determine PreK readiness.  Older students also reflect that their screening is a "fun" way to demonstrate what they know through a series of computer and interpersonal activities conducted by members of either our lower or middle school academic staff. 

Just as each child has different gifts to share, each child learns differently.  Through assessment and screening, we can determine not only what a child knows but how he/she learns best.  When a child is enrolled into St. Pius Elementary School, we feel confident that we know his/her abilities and capabilities well enough to ensure that he/she is ready and able to thrive in the classroom.


St. Pius Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.

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