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At SPES, we proudly recognize cheerleading as the sport it truly is. The remarkable skill, dedication, and athleticism demanded by this activity have propelled cheer into the recognized category of “sport” nationwide. Our SPES Cheerleaders kick off their season in June and continue their spirited journey until mid-May, coinciding with the culmination of spring sports.

For our seventh and eighth-grade St. Pius Cheerleading squad, it's not just about cheering at games and pep rallies. They also take on the vital roles of spirit leaders and student ambassadors, representing the enthusiasm and unity of the SPES student body.



For the first time this year, we're thrilled to announce the creation of Cougar Hype, a 5th and 6th-grade pep squad dedicated to cheering on our basketball teams during games! This spirited group brings energy, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of fun to our school's basketball events.