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St. Pius Cougar Athletics

A Message from Our St. Pius 

Athletic Directors:

July 25, 2020
We hope this e-mail finds you and your families safe and healthy through these unprecedented times.  Due to this period of uncertainty we have been asked on several occasions the status of sports for the upcoming school season.  At this time, we do not have anything definitive with starting times, schedules and individual sports seasons.  With that being said, one thing that is certain is our drive and willingness to provide SPES student athletes an opportunity to participate in their school sports.  We are closely working with the school administration, leagues, complexes and various other organizations to safely bring back our sports.  We understand the values, work-ethic, life-long lessons and benefits of participating in school sports which is why we are preparing for multiple scenarios.   We would love nothing more than to see our SPES student athletes with their teammates proudly representing our school in their Cougar uniforms. 
Obviously, this upcoming season may be full of surprises but, as your athletics directors, we will welcome and embrace the challenges that come with representing SPES in this capacity.  We should have an update in the near future, so we ask that you continue to be patient.  Please stay safe.
God bless, 
Brady Bell & Tim Cope
Co-Directors of Athletics  
St. Pius Elementary School



Supporting our students as they develop their interests is a priority   for us at St. Pius Elementary School!  Just as the school's mission includes leading students to see the relevance of the Gospel in their daily lives so it is with the athletic program.  Because it is a reflection of real life, athletics at St. Pius Elementary School provides an environment in which effective role models can help mold students into responsible Christians. The school administration and athletic staff emphasizes spiritual and emotional growth as a primary goal and competition/winning as a secondary one.

St. Pius Sports Teams



  • Baseball (6-8)
  • Basketball (6-8)
  • Cross Country (5-8)
  • Flag Football (6)
  • Football (7-8)
  • Golf (5-8)
  • Soccer (6-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Track and Field (5-8)



  • Basketball (6-8)
  • Cross Country (5-8)
  • Golf (5-8)
  • Soccer (6-8)
  • Softball (6-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Track and Field (5-8)
  • Volleyball (6-8)