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St. Pius Cougar Athletics

Supporting our students as they develop their interests is a priority   for us at St. Pius Elementary School!  Just as the school's mission includes leading students to see the relevance of the Gospel in their daily lives so it is with the athletic program.  Because it is a reflection of real life, athletics at St. Pius Elementary School provides an environment in which effective role models can help mold students into responsible Christians. The school administration and athletic staff emphasizes spiritual and emotional growth as a primary goal and competition/winning as a secondary one.

St. Pius Sports Teams



  • Baseball (6-8)
  • Basketball (6-8)
  • Cross Country (5-8)
  • Flag Football (6)
  • Football (7-8)
  • Golf (5-8)
  • Soccer (6-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Track and Field (5-8)



  • Basketball (6-8)
  • Cross Country (5-8)
  • Golf (5-8)
  • Soccer (6-8)
  • Softball (6-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Track and Field (5-8)
  • Volleyball (6-8)


St. Pius Physical Education teachers sponsor a host of after school athletic clinics throughout the year for second through fourth graders.  These clinics help students to learn the sport, develop skills needed then move to competition among clinic attendees.  The goal of the athletic clinics is to help our students determine where their interests and talents lie so that they can develop needed skills as they prepare for becoming members of competitive teams in middle school.    Many of our SPES alumni who participated in these clinics have gone on to be strong varsity athletes in high school. 

For more information regarding SPES Athletics, contact Athletic Director Josh Falgout at or by phone at 337-237-3139, ext 3306