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Student Council

The St. Pius Student Council provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, foster a sense of community, and make a positive impact on our school. Open to students across all grade levels, the council works on organizing school events, spearheading community service projects, and representing the student body in school decisions. This year, they purchased eight TVs and antennas to donate to Catholic Charities for families receiving permanent housing for the first time. Our students also served lunch at St. Joseph's Diner as part of their chosen service project. We are so proud to see their servant's hearts shine as they worked as the hands and feet of Jesus to those in our community. By participating in our Student Council, students learn the value of teamwork, responsibility, and civic engagement. They also have the chance to voice their ideas and contribute to creating a supportive and dynamic school environment. 


Liturgical Ministries

Participating in the St. Pius Liturgical Ministries is a meaningful and enriching experience for students eager to deepen their faith and serve the church community. As part of this ministry, students have the opportunity to become altar servers, actively participating in Mass and assisting the priest during liturgical celebrations. Serving allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, learn about the importance of reverence and devotion in worship, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and service to others. Through their involvement in liturgical ministries, students not only contribute to the spiritual life of our school and parish but also experience the joy of serving God and His people. 


Quiz Bowl 

Participating in the St. Pius Quiz Bowl team is a fantastic opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in friendly academic competition. This year, our Quiz Bowl team competed with five area schools at LJ Alleman, where one of our 8th-grade team members finished 4th among the overall Top Scorers for the day. Involvement in Quiz Bowl encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and a love for learning across various subjects. It also helps build confidence and provides a platform for students to showcase their intellectual abilities. Join us in celebrating our students' achievements and fostering a culture of academic excellence!



The St. Pius STEM club is an exciting and enriching experience for students eager to explore the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Last year, our club focused on the innovative use of Spheros, providing hands-on learning opportunities that sparked creativity and problem-solving skills among participants. This year, the theme expanded to encompass a wide range of engaging STEM projects, allowing students to delve into various areas of STEM education. Through collaborative projects, experiments, and challenges, students develop critical thinking abilities, teamwork, and a passion for discovery. 



Our 4H club has grown significantly, increasing from 20 members last school year to 35 members this year. In October, several 4-H members organized and held a successful food drive in collaboration with Catholic Charities of Acadiana. One of our students, a resident of Carencro, was recognized for her achievements at the Carencro City Council Meeting in April.

Three students were honored with the Outstanding SPES Members of the Year award for 2023 and received their recognition on May 2nd during Lafayette Parish 4-H Youth Honors Night. Throughout the school year, many of our students participated in and placed in various competitions. Notably, one student competed in the parish 4-H livestock show in January.

This year marked our inaugural participation in sports skeet shooting, and we are proud to announce that two of our students qualified for regionals in their respective shooting categories during St. Pius's first-ever Sports Shooting competition.