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The 2020-21 SPES Fund

Every donation to the 2020-2021 will be directed toward increasing and improving the infrastructure needed to support technology at St. Pius.  Reaching our goal of classroom sets of  Chromebooks for PreK and Kindergarten classes and over 640 Chromebooks for one-to-one student use in first - eighth grades, plus faculty/staff computers and Chromebooks, calls for expansion of our current infrastructure.  The goal of the 2020-2021 SPES Fund is to help build the infrastructure needed to continue to accommodate student technology needs over the next three to five years, which includes not only devices but support of the 60+ platforms used to educate students at St. Pius Elementary School and prepare them for the digital world.


Dear Friends,
Twenty-three years ago, St. Pius X Church Parish made a bold commitment to the new millennium. Msgr. Richard von Phul Mouton was pastor of the church at that time and his vision for the parish was to impact the new millennium by forming children in faith and knowledge. It was the gift that will keep on giving for many generations, with your continued commitment and support. We are ever-grateful that you have chosen to share your children and grandchildren with us.
Over the years, we have partnered with our students and families to provide an education that goes beyond what students know, understand, and are able to do.  We equip our students with the tools they need academically and the formation in faith which they need to bring the presence of Christ through their gifts to a world in need of Christ’s presence.  This has been made possible through the support of the Advisory Council and the efforts of the PTO who have continually helped  ove the school forward with the resources needed for the formation of children in faith and learning.  PTO has made it possible for each student in 1st - 8th grades to have   Chromebook and students in PreK and Kindergarten with classrooms sets of Chromebooks.   Your support of The SPES Fund annual giving campaign, over the past three years, has funded the many programs and platforms needed which touch each and every student at St. Pius.
As we look forward, it is necessary to upgrade our infrastructure to support the use of technology in our classrooms and throughout our school.  The current infrastructure has served us well but upgrades are  essential to keep our students learning with the platforms and programs you have helped to provide. 
We look, once again, to your support of The SPES Fund to provide for the needs of our students.  With a successful SPES Fund drive this year, we will increase the capacity that is needed to accommodate our current technology plus that which will be needed for the next several years.  Your contribution will allow us to grow and better serve our students and families in this rapidly changing digital world.  It is amazing to see that the vision that started this school for the future continues to form students to bring the presence of Christ into a larger world.
We invite you to be an active part of The SPES Fund and help us serve your children today, as they continue to grow into our hope for the future. Every generation of our families share our amazing mission of empowering children to discover, grow and share the incredible gift of the presence of Christ around them, within them, and through them.  We are ever grateful for the privilege of having your family and children be part of this mission. 
God bless,
Donna Lemaire