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Each day at St. Pius Elementary we see our administration, faculty, staff and student body learning to live the school’s mission of “bringing the presence of Christ to others” in a deeper way.  Our students growth in their Catholic faith as they discover, develop and share their gifts and talents. 
Academic instruction at St. Pius does not look like it did 20 years ago.
At SPES, each individual student has the opportunity to grow academically and meet his/her full potential.  Students are afforded the opportunity to utilize a vast selection of individualized programs allowing them to master skills, progressing at their own rate, while meeting important benchmarks along the way.  Individual progress is monitored in a number of ways and when learning challenges are detected, we are able to help students meet and overcome them.   Our students’ academic growth, and removing any obstacles to learning they encounter, is priority at St. Pius Elementary School.   We are committed to preparing students for later life, assisting them with their academic and spiritual growth while calling them to be leaders in service to our parish community and the world.
The SPES Fund is the major revenue source for the infrastructure of technology at St. Pius Elementary School which tuition and fees does not cover.  A gift to The SPES Fund will touch each individual child, from PreK through 8th grade, through funding of over 30 age-appropriate administrative, instructional, assessment and progress monitoring programs and platforms that are utilized daily in PreK – 8th grade classrooms. 
Please prayerfully consider investing in the students of St. Pius Elementary School through The 2019-2020 SPES Fund. We need your support to continue providing our students what they need to be prepared for the next part of their life journey. Each and every gift, regardless of size, will help tremendously in our effort to provide a quality Catholic education for our students – today, tomorrow and for years to come.