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What Are SPES Students Up To In Class?


 Our student centered classrooms provide an education that goes beyond what students know, understand, and are able to do.

PreK students not only learn basic skills but learn how to apply them through collaboration and presentation. They recently learned, experimented, and gave presentation on Simple Machines. 

The 8th grade Archeological dig

This year the pandemic has prevented student's from participation in field studies but that has not stopped SPES. Through virtual field studies students have traveled the world and even gone on a archeological dig. Dr. McGimsey and Maegan A. Smith, MA, RPA, Archaeology Outreach Coordinator, from Louisiana Office of Cultural Development joined the 8th Grade Classes via Google Meet. The presentation covered Louisiana’s mound sites, highlighting Poverty Point, as well as a general overview of archaeology, discussing how and why we document and preserve our past. 

One-on-One Science Experiments
Hands on learning continues in our Science classes as students are able to conduct labs individually.