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Student Life At SPES

Mrs. Missy Way’s 8th grade Social Studies classes celebrated Louisiana’s 209th birthday by playing Louisiana geography and trivia games and viewing videos from our Mayor-President, U.S. Congressman and one of our U.S. Senators.  The celebration culminated with the video made by Mrs. Way that consisted of pictures faculty and staff members from their travels around Louisiana.  

ST. Pius celebrates week of the young child

St. Pius is celebrating "Week of the Young Child" on April 12-16th. This annual celebration is sponsored by the world's largest early childhood education association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC).  NAEYC recognizes all those involved in early childhood programs - students, teachers, and parents. This year is extra special as NAEYC will celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Week of the Young Child." NAEYC organizers have created a theme for each day of the week and, at St. Pius, we are adding our own unique twist to the themes to create a fun-filled week for our PreK and Kindergarten students...and their families.

Music Monday

Through music, children worked on developing math, language, and literacy skills- while having fun and being active! We kicked off the week, with a special VIRTUAL, musical performance from musician and author, Johnette Downing! Our students watched as Ms. Downing made her books come alive through storytelling and song during, Boogie on the Bayou.   Our PreK and Kindergarten students' families have gotten instructions on how to make harmonicas so the fun from today can continue at home tonight!



Tasty Tuesday

Promoting healthy eating while having fun was the goal for Tasty Tuesday! This fun, food-themed day was about more than just yummy treats. By encouraging good nutrition and fitness habits at home and in the classroom, children gained an understanding of the importance of developing healthy habits. Each PreK and K class was responsible for an essential ingredient needed to make a pizza.   The ingredient Ms. Kerri's class selected was "Oregano."  Students assisted Ms. Kerri in  planting the oregano and they will have the opportunity to nurture and tend the tiny plants until the end of the school year. 






Work Together Wednesday

Our PreK and K students started off the day with a virtual prayer service that was lead by Mrs. Erica's Kindergarten class. 

Artful Thursday

Children develop creativity, fine motor and social skills with projects where they can make open-ended choices, use their imagination, and create with their hands. Today we borrowed from Wednesday's theme and had students work together to create a collaborative art project. These will be on display in the main hall of the PreK and K building for years to come. 

Family Friday

Creating partnerships with families is important to the success of each child. At St. Pius, the word “family” extends beyond the traditional definition. To celebrate, we wanted our littlest Cougars to stand out! Our SPES Cheerleaders worked Thursday evening to decorate the PreK and Kindergarten building for the final day of “Week of the Young Child” The theme for the day is “Family Friday” so our older students made posters and signs letting our Early Childhood students know how much they are loved.