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Student Life at SPES

St. Pius Elementary School(SPES) focuses on the development of the whole child - mind, body and soul — as they grow to become well-rounded adults.  The acronym "SPES" means "HOPE" in Latin.  As we nurture students' growth, we remain cognizant that each one of our 630+ students is our hope for the future.  Through class assignments, school traditions and even extra-curricular activities we see our students' grow daily, and we are proud to place our futures in their hands.


Eighth Grade Memoirs

The 8th grade memoir unit is always one of my favorite units. It challenges the students think deeply about what makes them so special. The unit begins with the brainstorming/generating phase of the writing process. We use maps, social issues, themes, small stories, and identity webs to find the perfect stories to tell in our memoirs. Then the students engage in a lot of critical thinking about what all of those stories truly mean. How did they grow or change from that experience? They then search for a central theme of their life; something that has shaped them into the 8th graders that they are today. We combine the story narratives and expository explanations of those stories to create their memoirs, and these 8th graders blew me away. They wrote some of the most profound and poignant memoirs! We wanted to celebrate by sharing all of their hard work, so we create six word memoirs. Somehow these superstar students were able to summarize their memoirs into six words, and, wow, are they powerful!
They never cease to amaze me!
I hope you all enjoy! 
Ashley Horaist 
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Six Second Memoirs



2020-21 SPESial  Student Moments:

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Kindergarten All Saints Day Procession


At SPES our students learn, lead, love and succeed as they
"bring the presence of Christ to others" in all they do!