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Supporting our students as they develop their interests is a priority for us at St. Pius Elementary School!  Just as the school's mission includes leading students to see the relevance of the Gospel in their daily lives so it is with the athletic program.  Because it is a reflection of real life, athletics at St. Pius Elementary School provides an environment in which effective role models can help mold students into responsible Christians. The school administration and athletic staff emphasizes spiritual and emotional growth as a primary goal and competition/winning as a secondary one.

During the 2020-2021 school year, there have been unprecedented challenges for all schools as they focus on student health and safety during the COVID crisis.  The St. Pius Co-Athletic Directors worked with other Middle School athletic directors from throughout the area and have provided a "flipped" athletic schedule this year with fall baseball, softball, cross country, tennis and golf seasons running through late October.  Winter sports to be played beginning in November will be volleyball and soccer. 

Fall sports at SPES had extremely successful seasons with students growing not only in skill but also as teammates and dedicated Catholic athletes who live the mission of St. Pius Elementary School by "bringing the presence of Christ to others" on the court, track, field and course.