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Supporting our students as they develop their interests is a priority for us at St. Pius Elementary School!  Just as the school's mission involves leading students to see the relevance of the Gospel in their daily lives, so it is with the athletic program.  Because it is a reflection of real life, athletics at St. Pius Elementary School provides an environment in which effective role models can help mold students into responsible Christians. The school administration and athletic staff emphasize spiritual and emotional growth as a primary goal and competition/winning as a secondary one.

St. Pius Elementary School is proud of the many students who have gone on to excel in high school athletics, as well as college sports!   Two SPES alumni recently recognized for outstanding college careers in softball and football, respectively, are

Hunter Bergeron

Hunter began his football career at St. Pius and was known in middle school for his work ethic and team work.  He remained dedicated to the concept of "team" always supporting his teammates and making it possible for them to make the plays.  Upon entering college at UL, Hunter really came into his own when the coaches recognized his potential in the position of tight end.  During his college career, Hunter became the "do whatever it takes" man ultimately winning the prestigious "Grid Iron UpFront Award" normally presented to offensive linemen.  SPES has been honored to have Hunter speak to student athletes and serve as honorary alumnus football captain! 

Bailey Hemphill

Bailey Hemphill was a multiple-sport athlete throughout her middle and high school years.  At SPES, we knew Bailey had a great future ahead both academically and athletically.  After graduating from STM, she went on to become an All-American softball player for the Alabama Crimson Tide.  She currently holds the Alabama record for the most home runs (64) as well as the SEC record for the most career walks (237 - no one wanted her to hit).  Tack on 246 RBI's and a .344 batting average and we are talking about a softball superstar BUT Bailey still had time to come home and see our Lady Cougar basketball team play during the holidays!