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About the St. Pius Elementary Application & Admissions Process

At St. Pius Elementary School, our goal is to assist our students in reaching their full potential as they discover, develop and learn to share their gifts.  Through our extensive application and screening process our goal is to get to know your child and make sure that he/she will be successful and thrive at our school.

Step One:  Application

In the application, we begin our process of getting to know the potential student.  The step provides us with demographic and developmental information as well as other pertinent facts to assist us in not only determining if we can set a child up for success at St. Pius but also how the child learns best, his/her likes and dislikes and whether St. Pius is the right "fit" for the student.

Step Two:  Screening

Screenings are conducted by members of our academic staff.  The process is designed to accurately determine the student's readiness for the rigors of the St. Pius curriculum.  Just as each child has different gifts to share, each child learns differently.  Through our assessment and screening, we can determine not only what a child knows, but how they learn best.  Though screenings take place in the fall before your child begins school, the screening mechanisms are scaled to your child's age at the time he/she is screened.

Step Three:  Notification of Acceptance

Once an application is reviewed, screening has been conducted and it has been determined that the applicant will thrive at St. Pius, notification of acceptance is sent via email by the Admissions Assistant and an offer of enrollment is extended.  Families have 72 hours during which to accept the offer.  When a child is enrolled into St. Pius Elementary, we feel that we know their abilities and capabilities well enough to ensure that they are ready and able to thrive in the classroom.


Contact Brooke Richard, Admissions Assistant, with any questions you may have about the SPES Admissions Process
337-237-3139, ext.3558